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The Movie Crypt

Jul 19, 2019

Genre icon Kane Hodder (HATCHET 1-4, FRIDAY THE 13TH 7-10) first appeared on THE MOVIE CRYPT way, way back on our 7th episode in June 2013. Listen as we discuss his career journey from a bullied little kid who was literally growing up in the middle of nowhere... to the horrifying accident that burned him all over his body and the botched recovery process that nearly killed him... to becoming one of Hollywood's most accomplished stuntmen.. to landing the life-changing role of "Jason Voorhees" in an unprecedented four FRIDAY THE 13TH films... to the heartbreak of losing his coveted role... to re-inventing himself as a new icon that only he has played- "Victor Crowley" in all four HATCHET films to date. (Only 3 HATCHET films at the time of this recording!)

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