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The Movie Crypt

Dec 11, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Documentary filmmakers Eastwood Allen and Chris Griffiths join Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss their epic 4-part documentary series ROBODOC: THE CREATION OF ROBOCOP. From how they got their start working on non-fiction documentaries about other films like HELLRAISER, FRIGHT NIGHT, and the IT mini-series… to why they felt the need to tell the story of how ROBOCOP was made… to how they didn’t get “RoboCop" himself (Peter Weller) to sit down for an interview until the very last minute and how his incredibly candid words brought ROBODOC to a whole different level… to what it’s like walking into Paul Verhoeven’s Malibu house for the first time… to the dying art of special features on physical media… to the trials and tribulations of funding a project like this through Kickstarter and what film they MAY do next (which made Joe VERY happy)… this super-sized episode will make you wish had 3 more parts to listen to!