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The Movie Crypt

Nov 27, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Andrew Bowser (WORM, JIMMY TUPPER VS THE GOATMAN OF BOWIE) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss has his career journey and the making of his latest film ONYX THE FORTUITOUS AND THE TALISMAN OF SOULS. From learning and developing his filmmaking craft while working at companies like Nerdist (where he briefly worked with Adam and Joe on the SABER 3 short film) and while working on indies and other web content… to the decade he spent forming his (in)famous “Onyx” viral character on YouTube and other online platforms… to bringing ONYX THE FORTUITOUS AND THE TALISMAN OF SOULS (now available on Screambox) to life on the big screen with the help of friends and fans who contributed to the project’s kickstarter campaign… to creating a RE-ANIMATOR reunion (of sorts) by casting Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs in the film… to ONYX’s triumphant Sundance world premiere and the arrival of one of 2023’s most celebrated genre efforts… this is a fun, inspiring and highly nerd-tactic dive into the mind of a true indie artist who isn’t afraid of making something a little more niche.

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