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The Movie Crypt

Oct 3, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Ben Rock (ALIEN RAIDERS, CURSE OF THE BLAIR WITCH, 20 SECONDS TO LIVE, VIDEO PALACE) returns to THE MOVIE CRYPT in one of the most enjoyable, candid, and revealing episodes of 2022! (O.G. Crypt Keepers will remember Ben’s first appearance on the podcast way back on Episode 68 almost exactly 8 years ago to the day that this episode will premiere!) From the joys of being a new father and balancing family life with a career that tends to consume every waking moment… to the creative excitement of telling stories in different mediums including film, television, live theater, short form episodic, and scripted audio series… to the making of Ben’s new audio series CATCHERS (premiering October 27th on Audible) and the craft of creating a great creature-horror story without being able to rely on visuals… to the surprisingly affordable technical equipment that artists can use to create a professional, high quality audio series… to an in-depth conversation in the second hour of the episode about Ben’s secret contribution to the HATCHET universe and the sharing of brutally honest war stories from the swamp that have never been discussed publicly until now… this extended length (2 hour and 18 minutes for Patrons!), incredibly inspiring, and hilarious episode is one for the MOVIE CRYPT history books.

Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a patient wondering when it is OK to walk away from a production that has become a total mess, Adam reveals the secret sauce(s) to “Victor Crowley’s” voice, and the boys announce their annual FREE MOVIE CRYPT LIVE WEEKEND coming up this Sunday October 9th! Join in the fun and see what you’ve been missing by not being a Patreon member of THE MOVIE CRYPT LIVE tier! It all starts this Sunday at 8am PST/11am PST EST with “It’s The Great Halloween Pre-Show, Arwen!” - a 2 hour Halloween celebration from DJ Green and M.C. Licks-A-Lot filled with their favorite Halloween cartoons, vintage holiday TV commercials, spooky music videos, Halloween songs, and more! Then at 10am PST / 1pm EST its MOVIE CRYPT LIVE where you can enjoy the live episode and interact with Adam, Joe, Arwen, and the other audience members in the live chat! Including games like “What Won’t Shaq Sell?”, “Disgusting Statement or Cannibal Corpse Song?”, ‘Ruin an Activity” and more - you’re sure to have a great time! It’s all FREE! See for details!