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The Movie Crypt

Apr 4, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaking team Chris Cullari & Jennifer Raite (12 DEADLY DAYS, THE SLEEPOVER) have been working together for years but it took a pandemic for the dynamic duo to hit the dirt (literally) and write and direct their first feature film, THE AVIARY, starring Malin Ackerman, Chris Messina and Lorenza Izzo (coming to theaters and VOD April 29th). Jennifer and Chris discuss how they met and persevered with a creative partnership well after they broke up as a couple… collaborating with Joe on the YouTube series 12 DEADLY DAYS… their writing process… and the challenges they faced conceiving, producing and distributing an indie film during a global pandemic.

Dr. Arwen pulls double duty in honor of having two guests and provides “Hollywood Therapy” for two listeners/patients! First, the good doctor and her translators tackle professional etiquette when geeking out over a celebrity co-worker. Then, Hollywood’s favorite Yorkie advises a new podcaster on how to get listeners to tune into their niche podcast!