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The Movie Crypt

Nov 22, 2021

Screenwriter, novelist, and musician Josh Malerman (BIRD BOX, TV’s CREEPSHOW) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey and creative process.  Jumping right in with a discussion about Josh’s song “The Luck You’ve Got” (performed by his band THE HIGH STRUNG and used for the iconic opening credits sequence of TV’s SHAMELESS) the conversation quickly moves into Josh’s writing process and the pressures that came once the 2018 Netflix film BIRD BOX (an adaptation of his 2014 novel) turned into pop culture phenomena. From how Josh is able to find a way to continue to write even when not feeling particularly inspired… to the importance of keeping his talent in a “safe and untouchable spot”… to how the cultural environment affects the honesty and integrity of an artist’s work… this conversation wound up being one of the deepest and most sincere MOVIE CRYPT episodes of 2021. In the longest and most candid “Hollywood Therapy” session in the history of this podcast, Dr. Arwen and her assistants attempt to provide emotional support for a listener who is realizing that today’s divisive and volatile times are changing them into someone they no longer recognize and Josh explains why every artist needs to learn how to “leave themselves a present” in this extremely raw and extended length episode that is sure to ruffle some feathers. (See what we did there? BIRD BOX? Feathers?? Whatever, YOUR jokes are stupid.) 

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