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The Movie Crypt

Aug 9, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. In episode 35 of THE MOVIE CRYPT (January 27, 2014) filmmaker Brea Grant shared her journey as an actress (TV’s DEXTER and HEROES, Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2, and more). Now, 7 years later and just 48 hours before starting principal photography on her latest directorial effort TATTERED HEARTS, Brea returns to discuss her experiences writing and directing with Adam, Joe, and Arwen! From her daily writing regiment… to the long wait that she endured between her first feature BEST FRIENDS FOREVER and last year’s incredible 12 HOUR SHIFT… to directing episodic television (PANDORA, EASTSIDERS)… to the making of her newest film LUCKY which she wrote and stars in (available now on digital, VOD, and DVD)… this incredibly candid conversation between 3 working directors discussing their craft is exactly why you’ve listened to this podcast for over 8 years now! Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a film fan looking to lend a hand with actual filmmaking and Brea and the boys discuss how their personal life experience seeps into their work whether they intend for it to or not. You’re gonna love this episode!

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