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The Movie Crypt

Jul 12, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Actor Devon Sawa (FINAL DESTINATION, IDLE HANDS, HUNTER HUNTER) joined Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a full interview in the final hours of last Christmas’ YORKIETHON 5. Since we’re now over halfway to YORKIETHON 6 (July is usually when we start putting together each year’s 48-hour marathon charity event) we figured now is the perfect time to make this terrific conversation available as its very own episode for the first time. The last half-hour has all of the best stuff, Patrons! Like why Devon walked away from Hollywood for a period of time and what happens when you’re improvising a fight scene with Stallone and you decide to try and throw a head kick Sly’s way! This conversation was truly a highlight of our YORKIETHON 5 interviews - even on hour 43 of our 2-day sleepless live marathon - and you’re going to love Devon Sawa even more than you likely already do!