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The Movie Crypt

Mar 15, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Video game developers Jonas and Verena Kyratzes (SERIOUS SAM 4, THE SEA WILL CLAIM EVERYTHING) virtually join Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss their career journey together. From Jonas developing his first indie game at age 16 in Greece and Verena doing student theater in Germany… to meeting, collaborating, and eventually getting married… to working together writing, casting, and directing games like Croteam's SERIOUS SAM 4, THE TALOS PRINCIPLE, and THE HAND OF MERLIN as well as ACE Team's THE ETERNAL CYLINDER… to the pressures of meeting pre-determined release date deadlines… the group discusses the long process of bringing video games from mere ideas to fully tangible and playable fruition. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a parent with shared custody of their child considering a possible location change, Jonas and Verena confess what their favorite Adam Green film is, and Joe shares the story of how he became immortalized as “Kenny” in SERIOUS SAM 4.