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The Movie Crypt

Feb 22, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, GAME OF THRONES) returns to THE MOVIE CRYPT with actress/writer Charlotte Kirk (OCEAN’S EIGHT, ULYSSES: A DARK ODYSSEY) to discuss their new historical horror film THE RECKONING (now available)! From writing a screenplay centering around false witchcraft accusations in the 1700’s that would wind up being far more relevant in 2021 than they ever imagined… to the creative freedoms of stepping back into the indie world and working with a limited budget after a string of working on bigger budget studio/network films… to the hurdles of shooting a period piece with limited time and resources… to the various ways they used sound and existing locations to provide an epic scope… this is a fantastic conversation about how to retain the feeling of big budget scale despite an indie’s inherent financial restraints and how to best write, direct, produce, and perform a story that’s set in a time period that is typically reserved for far larger budgets.  Dr. Arwen provides advice for filmmakers considering using stock footage and/or public domain music in their work and Joe shares an “Unpopular Opinion” about recent on-line backlash to established filmmakers who encourage up and comers to “shoot it on your iPhone if need be.”