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The Movie Crypt

Dec 28, 2020

PUBLIC VERSION. Adam, Joe, and Arwen say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 in their traditional year end recap. Starting off with a detailed recap of last weekend’s YORKIETHON 5 (or at least, what their sleep deprived minds can remember from it), the boys proceed with a look back at the highlights of this past year including: their favorite episodes of 2020… recording the show over Zoom in the social distancing era… the month of daily live streams that was ADAM GREEN’S CORONAPOCALYPSE and it’s 2-night follow up 6 months later… parting ways with the Fangoria Podcast Network… their favorite MOVIE CRYPT LIVE pre-shows… the fun of SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE… the resurrection of ADAM GREEN’S SCARY SLEEPOVER… Joe’s Atlanta adventures on Season 2 of CREEPSHOW… ArieScope’s 22nd annual Halloween short film FULL SIZE… both MAYHEM and VICTOR CROWLEY playing on Joe Bob Brigg’s THE LAST DRIVE-IN… “Victor Crowley” achieving NECA action figure status… the devastating murder of Adam’s ex-girlfriend Amie Harwick… the heartbreaking loss of “S. Tyler Kitty”… HOLLISTON’s triumphant re-birth on Shudder… and more.
In a year stricken by political and racial division, cancel culture, toxic social media, a toilet paper shortage, a serious lack of hugs, and a worldwide plague that forced mankind to quarantine and isolate from each other… the three of us tried our very best to go the extra mile and continually create opportunities for the Crypt Keeper community to lean on each other and keep laughing through the depressing days and dark nights. In the end 2020 couldn’t beat us! We’re ending this incredibly difficult year having grown as individuals and having become closer friends. As some extra icing on the cake, our community crossed the 2020 finish line having saved a whole bunch of dogs together in the name of love!
So go ahead and wrap up 2020 in duct tape, set it on fire, and drive it off of a cliff like Slash’s car in the “November Rain” video. But never forget that every time this year knocked us down with its worst, our community continually got back up and tried our best. 2020 may have sucked hard- but we never gave up.
We wish you all a happy, inspired, and laugh filled new year! Stay safe, friends. Things will be better soon.
-AG, JL, & A