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The Movie Crypt

Jun 8, 2020

Actor/Filmmaker Oliver Robbins (POLTERGEIST, AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL) “virtually” joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey! From a child actor in two of the biggest blockbusters of 1982… to attending film school at USC… to walking away from entertainment to pursue a career as a stock broker… to returning to film on “the other side” of the camera (See what we did there? POLTERGEIST 2: THE OTHER SIDE? Get it? Whatever, your jokes aren’t funny either.) … to his latest film CELEBRITY CRUSH (out now on digital and on-demand)… Oliver’s journey through Hollywood and back again is filled with bullies, clowns, scary trees, and more! Dr. Arwen provides emotional support to a filmmaker looking to make the most of their COVID-19 isolation, Oliver makes Adam and Joe seriously jealous with an amazing Spielberg story, the guys get to the bottom of the Toby Hooper vs Steven Spielberg directing most of POLTERGEIST rumor, and Arwen gets sucked into the ArieScope TV by scary ghosts in this candid and responsibly socially distant conversation! (One of those things didn’t actually happen.)

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