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The Movie Crypt

Dec 17, 2018

Filmmakers Rebekah and David McKendry (ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING) deliver Adam, Joe, and Arwen some holiday cheer and fear in this conversation about their Hollywood experiences. From completing higher education (Rebekah is an actual “Doctor” whereas Dr. Arwen is actually… not)… to writing and editing for the biggest magazines and websites in the genre… to honing their crafts making shorts and working in various crew positions across the board… to the hurdles they faced together when writing and directing their new feature length anthology… to how they make it work being married and working together… Rebekah and David illustrate yet again how vastly different every artist’s path can be.  Dr. Arwen provides emotional council for movie fans that are looking for out of print titles and our Patreon supporters have their “Viewer Mail” answered in this podcast crossover episode that may as well be called CRYPT WAVES.

NOTE: This episode was recorded about one week before our 3rd annual 48-hour LIVE marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue took place.  Next week’s episode will have the details about how the marathon went.

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