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The Movie Crypt

May 14, 2018

Filmmaker Rusty Cundieff (TALES FROM THE HOOD, FEAR OF A BLACK HAT, CHAPELLE’S SHOW) sits down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his journey from a religious studies major… to becoming an actor… to working with greats like Spike Lee and Robert Townsend… to writing HOUSE PARTY 2… to writing and directing FEAR OF A BLACK HAT (you’ll love hearing who in Hollywood is a fan of “Booty Juice!”)… to consistently working as a director in both film and television.  Dr. Arwen prescribes the answers to your “Hollywood Therapy” questions, your “Viewer Mail” is answered, and you’ll want to get caught in a SAW-style trap before ever having sinus surgery after hearing this terrific and brutally candid episode that pulls no punches.

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