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The Movie Crypt

Jan 1, 2018

Writer/show-runner Bryan Fuller (HANNIBAL, AMERICAN GODS) was one of the highlights from this year's 48-hour live marathon... and now everyone can hear the full 2-hour conversation.  How did he get HANNIBAL's extreme and beautifully horrific gore past network standards and practices?  How does a show runner map out so many seasons of a show?  Is HANNIBAL really over for good?  What's happening with the reboot of AMAZING STORIES?  You're going to love this conversation almost as much as we love Bryan for taking the time to hang out with us just moments before heading to the premiere of THE LAST JEDI, having incredible taste in footwear (you'll hear), and for being such a great guy that he even made his own very generous donation to "Save A Yorkie Rescue" just minutes after leaving the ArieScope Studio.  This man is a saint!

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