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The Movie Crypt

Dec 8, 2021

It's here! YORKIETHON 6 is THIS weekend! THE MOVIE CRYPT's 6th annual 48-hour live marathon starts THIS Friday (12/10) at 5pm PST and goes straight through until Sunday (12/12) at 5pm PST! The legendary Bruce Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD, BLACK FRIDAY) will be kicking off this year's marathon followed by 2 days with OVER 70 SPECIAL GUESTS appearing around the clock! Live music! Live comedy! Live film commentaries! "Arwen's Silent Auction!" A live reading of Robert Zemeckis' very first draft of BACK TO THE FUTURE on Saturday night at 8pm PST! YORKIETHON is the podcast event of the year and you're not going to want to miss a single sleepless second of this incredible variety show!

WATCH the entire marathon FREE on! (You'll see where to click for YORKIETHON right there on the home page.) Just beneath the live stream you'll see a link to donate to Save A Yorkie Rescue and a link for "Arwen's Silent Auction" where every dollar you spend on awesome movie memorabilia goes directly to the Rescue as well!

Help us save as many dogs as possible in YORKIETHON 6! We're staying awake so that they don't get put to sleep.