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The Movie Crypt

May 24, 2019

The episode where THE MOVIE CRYPT became THE MOVIE CRYPT, filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman's (SAW 2-4, REPO! THE GENETIC ROCK OPERA, THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL) first recording with Adam, Joe, and Arwen changed everything. Originally premiering on January 20, 2014, Bousman's fearless honesty set the stage for future guests to come to THE MOVIE CRYPT with a level of candor that is unmatched by any other entertainment behind-the-scenes podcast available on-line.

If you learned a ton about Hollywood from this episode, you have no idea just how much more you're missing from the 200+ other episodes of THE MOVIE CRYPT that are no longer available on-line! THE MOVIE CRYPT "Vaults" are essentially audio film school without the astronomical cost of actually attending film school! Pick up our first 300 episodes today in the on-line store at and get your ears ready for well over 600 hours of the stuff they just can't teach you in film school.

Be sure to also listen to Darren's second visit to THE MOVIE CRYPT (Episode 229) - a true "Hall of Fame" episode if ever there was one!