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The Movie Crypt

Feb 18, 2019

There are few comedians today who can do TV, movies, podcasting and still retain their raw, uncompromising voice over multiple formats and Christopher Titus (TITUS, SPECIAL UNIT) has proven tenfold that he's one of them. Having delved into the darker realms of his family and upbringing and incorporated it into his standup and other projects, Chris has tapped into the vein of comedy that stings, heals, and relates. From the hardships of creating comedy in today’s sensitive culture... to how Chris' art reflects his real life... to taking an old TV movie concept and writing, directing, producing, and starring in SPECIAL UNIT... Titus shares all in a conversation that Adam, Joe, and Arwen never wanted to see end. Dr. Arwen answers a very apt "Hollywood Therapy" question about public speaking (something everyone on the show can relate to) and Chris answers our beloved Crypt Keepers' "Viewer Mail" questions in this truly hilarious episode.

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