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The Movie Crypt

Dec 25, 2017

Adam, Joe, and Arwen say “farewell” to 2017 and “hello” to THE MOVIE CRYPT’s new start in this epic 3-hour Christmas special! Featuring almost 2 hours of holiday letters submitted by the audience, this final episode under the GeekNation banner has it all- from triumph and heartbreak… to laughs and tears. Make sure that you subscribe to THE MOVIE CRYPT’s new independent feed wherever you listen to podcasts so that you don’t miss a single episode moving forward. And check out our brand new list of Patreon rewards on where you can enjoy all kinds of amazing bonus content simply by helping keep this podcast going.

Pick-up Joe’s new film MAYHEM on DVD and Blu-Ray starting tomorrow (December 26th) and pre-order your autographed copies of Adam’s film VICTOR CROWLEY (HATCHET 4) on before it hits shelves on February 6th!

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