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The Movie Crypt

Oct 23, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Reality TV casting director Renee Egan (FBOY ISLAND, THE PROFIT, FARMER WANTS A WIFE, JOE MILLIONAIRE) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen in the ArieScope Studio to discuss her career journey. From dropping out of college on medical leave and realizing it just wasn’t for her… to writing her own stories about animals and her very own Jonas Brothers fan fiction (no, really!) and getting ghosted by Kevin Jonas… to briefly spending time on the wild side and working in the Las Vegas nightlife industry bartending, doing bottle service and dabbling in modeling… to making her way to Los Angeles with her eyes on “something in entertainment”… to the friend that convinced her to try being an assistant in reality TV casting and then finding that she loved the job… to almost immediately getting promoted to an Associate position and then moving her way up by claiming she had been a Producer and “faking it til she made it”… to explaining how reality shows are cast, why the characters are indeed real, and just how much producing goes into the storytelling… Renee provides a peek behind the curtain of one of the most popular genres of television. 

Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a filmmaker who’s family refuses to recognize his career choice as legitimate despite the progress he is making and who feels that his family's lack of support is holding him back, Renee shares her personal journey to developing better mental health, and Adam explains a huge problem that he has with a major decision that producers made on the most recent version of the television phenomenon that is MTV’s JERSEY SHORE.