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The Movie Crypt

Oct 16, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Documentary filmmaker Danny Wu (SQUARE ONE, AMERICAN: AN ODYSSEY TO 1947) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey. From an aspiring basketball player living in Canada… to the injury that shattered his original dream… to becoming a YouTube vlogger with a decent sized audience… to the injustice he was witnessing that inspired him to pick up a camera and make a documentary (SQUARE ONE) about one of the most controversial topics in popular culture (the original 1993 Michael Jackson molestation allegation)… to teaching himself how to make a documentary film by MAKING A DOCUMENTARY FILM… to the terrific reception that SQUARE ONE received worldwide… to tackling a whole different kind of injustice with his new documentary AMERICAN: AN ODYSSEY TO 1947… to how he was able to secure interviews with pivotal resources such as the various Orson Welles scholars who appeared in AMERICAN and some of the resources who appeared in SQUARE ONE that had never shared their stories publicly before… to learning how to navigate the film festival circuit the hardest way possible… to the crazy way that a film’s trajectory can suddenly change by simply having the right person see and champion it… Danny’s story is incredibly inspiring to hear and his two DIY films so far have been absolutely exceptional! Stop waiting for permission to make your movie and just DO IT!

Adam shares the story of how Danny initially came on his radar by doing something that he himself didn’t have the confidence to do and Danny shares a personal story about the SQUARE ONE premiere that Adam and Joe had no idea was coming. (You're gonna love it!) This phenomenal conversation is THE MOVIE CRYPT at its best and most inspirational. Check out SQUARE ONE on Amazon Prime (free with ads) and AMERICAN: AN ODYSSEY TO 1947 - currently available for rental on VOD.