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The Movie Crypt

Oct 9, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Author and games writer Bonnie Burton (Lucasfilm/, GEEK DIY, STAR WARS CRAFT BOOK, HUNT A KILLER GAMES, GIRLS AGAINST GIRLS) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen in the ArieScope Studio to discuss her career journey. From growing up in Kansas and feeling “like an alien” out of place… to becoming a published author at age 7… to going to college in Boulder, Colorado (in the same graduating class as Trey Parker and Matt Stone of SOUTH PARK fame) with the goal of becoming a writer… to working at LucasFilm as the senior editor of… to how George Lucas predicted today’s current a la carte streaming services way back in 2001… to her efforts to show some fan love for the infamous STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL… to bumping into celebrities at Skywalker Ranch and marrying R2D2 at San Diego Comic Con… to creating her various STAR WARS craft books and drawing books… to what it means to be “lazy sexual” … to the importance of Joe Bob Briggs… to the way that the community of horror fans holds each other up… to what it was like being a “Death Rocker” before it was cool to be “Goth”… to the importance of being willing to pivot in a career journey and TONS more, this fantastic extended length episode ends with a heartfelt pep talk from Bonnie that every aspiring artist needs to hear!

Also, Bonnie explains why you need to be willing to fail A LOT without giving up and Adam shares a story about working for a Hollywood heavyweight and the evil genius dog who made his life hell.