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The Movie Crypt

Jul 24, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Actress Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 1 & 2, THE RUNAWAYS, WICKED LITTLE THINGS, NASHVILLE, BURY THE BRIDE, and more) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen in the ArieScope Studio for a lively, laugh filled, and extremely NSFW conversation about her career journey. From growing up around a mortuary where she caught her first glimpse of… well, you’ll hear… to how wanting to meet Mario Lopez played a role in her becoming a child actress… to the Uncle who used to scare her with a Michael Myers mask… to how sex is depicted in modern day cinema and television and the precautions that Hollywood has been implementing to try and make sets feel safer… to why the industry could greatly benefit from offering actors some sort of assistance in coming back OUT of especially traumatizing roles that they have just spent weeks or months immersing themselves in…  to why method actors can sometimes go too far with their process and the drag that they can sometimes be on a production… to the audition process she went through in landing the role of “Lita Ford” in THE RUNAWAYS… to her experience playing “Laurie Strode” and how she dealt with the initial comparisons to Jamie Lee Curtis that HALLOWEEN franchise fans began making before she had even shot a frame of the film… to some of the major roles that got away and how she learned to roll with the many rejections that every actor faces over the course of their career… to whether or not she plans to step into the director’s chair and SO MUCH MORE… this personal and brutally honest conversation between three friends is one that will surely have you laughing just as much you’re learning about Scout’s experiences in front of the camera (so far)! 

Dr. Arwen hears from a listener who took years of MOVIE CRYPT advice to heart and pivoted to find themselves living their best creative life in a heart warming and inspiring “Hollywood Therapy” segment, Adam meets his Mom’s biggest fan in Sacramento, and Joe tests the boundaries of his friendship with Adam in an effort to save himself 95 cents in this incredibly entertaining (and sometimes raunchy) conversation.