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The Movie Crypt

Jul 10, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Capetown based filmmaker/actor Ryan Kruger (FRIED BARRY, WARRIOR) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey. From his humble beginnings as an actor and a music video director working with bands like SLIPKNOT, BOWLING FOR SOUP, and BLACK FLAG… to how desperate times and depression fueled him to make a film as soon as he possibly could… how acting in films in South Africa helped make his dream happen… to how an experimental short film became the award winning feature FRIED BARRY… to finding the right actor to inhabit such a unique role… to making such a wild film in such a conservative country… to FRIED BARRY’s breakout night on Joe Bob Brigg’s THE LAST DRIVE IN… to some exciting news about his proposed STREET TRASH remake…  Ryan’s story is one that you’re not going to forget any time soon!