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The Movie Crypt

Jun 19, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Vincenzo Natali (CUBE, SPLICE, TV’s HANNIBAL) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey and the creation of his new graphic novel TECH. From his desire to tell a story in the graphic novel medium where he wouldn’t be limited by a budget… to the creative freedom that came with writing the story and creating all of the artwork on his own… to the gratification of knowing that a graphic novel would definitely be realized and released without succumbing to the many hurdles that come with the traditional filmmaking process… Vincenzo walks the boys through his long process of bringing TECH to life on the page. The group also discusses how filmmaking has changed now that streaming is king… whether or not movies are still connecting with audiences on the cultural level that they used to now that they’re primarily treated like weekly/monthly content to be consumed at home… how originality has become a risk when audiences are so happy to consume endless IP based titles and characters as well as rehashed stories that they are already familiar with… and the price Hollywood has paid by making films and television series so cheap for audiences to access.

Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for an aspiring filmmaker dealing with a visual roadblock, Adam shares a story about botching an adaptation pitch at the very the start of his career, and the boys ponder the future of the industry once the WGA strike has been resolved.