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The Movie Crypt

Jun 26, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Actor Seann William Scott (the AMERICAN PIE franchise, FINAL DESTINATION, ICE AGE, GOON, THE RUNDOWN, ROLE MODELS, JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, SOUTHLAND TALES, ROAD TRIP, DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR?, and more) joins Adam and Arwen to discuss his career journey and the making of his latest film THE WRATH OF BECKY (now in US theaters and available soon on digital)! From a high school athlete in Minnesota who loved movies… to the local talent agency that helped him get started and find a manager in Los Angeles… to the struggle of simply getting himself to auditions all over LA when he didn’t own a car… to booking commercials, small speaking parts, and a role in an AEROSMITH video… to landing the role of “Stifler” in what would become the hugely successful AMERICAN PIE series… to being beheaded in FINAL DESTINATION, fighting The Rock and swimming in frigid waterfalls in THE RUNDOWN, learning how to ice skate AFTER landing the lead role in GOON, portraying an ex-military, alt-right militia leader in THE WRATH OF BECKY, and everything in between… Seann has been keeping the world entertained for over 2 decades. Best of all, he’s remained the same down to earth, small town guy despite the awe inspiring 6 BILLION + that his filmography has generated at the box office so far. 

Joe unfortunately had to miss this one but Adam and Seann become BFFs by the end of this candid conversation with a surprising revelation at the end! If you didn’t already adore Seann William Scott you certainly will after you get to know the real guy in this absolutely fantastic episode!

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