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The Movie Crypt

Jul 17, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Legendary actor and horror icon Robert Englund (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, V: THE FINAL BATTLE, STRANGER THINGS, HATCHET, BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a wonderful conversation about his 50 year journey through Hollywood and his lifelong love affair with cinema. From the importance of film festivals and why every filmmaker needs to experience seeing their work with an audience whenever possible… to why he thinks Montreal is the best city to visit in the summer… to shooting by international candlelight… to why he adores Lance Henriksen… to how he considers taking on new projects and how he’s held on to his love of acting for half a century… to why he believes a director’s ability to command a room with their unabashed passion is the very key to securing a production’s budget… to why the modern deluge of streaming content is giving today’s audiences “entertainment fatigue”… to what he felt went wrong behind the scenes of his directorial effort 976-EVIL… to his process behind becoming “Victor Creel” and his season stealing performance in Netflix’s monster hit STRANGER THINGS… to the emotional experience of seeing the new documentary HOLLYWOOD DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: THE ROBERT ENGLUND STORY (now on Screambox and available for digital rental/purchase) for the very first time at the Sitges International Film festival in Spain… to deeply personal stories about how Robert has been one of Adam’s cinematic angels in his journey as a filmmaker… this is an extremely candid conversation with Robert Englund that you simply won’t hear anywhere else. 

You can hear all of Robert’s greatest hits and “Freddy” stories in the awesome new documentary, in his 2009 autobiography HOLLYWOOD MONSTER, and in the phenomenally comprehensive NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET documentary NEVER SLEEP AGAIN… but this truly special fly on the wall conversation between three filmmakers (who are still just movie fans themselves) is something you can only get from THE MOVIE CRYPT.