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The Movie Crypt

Jun 12, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Bomani J. Story (THE ANGRY BLACK GIRL AND HER MONSTER - currently in US theaters) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen in the ArieScope Studio to discuss his career journey so far. From growing up loving movies but having no idea that a career behind the camera was a real possibility for his future… to attending a 2 year community college where a public speaking class would become one of the most important classes he’d ever take… to deciding to pursue his true dream of making movies and going on to graduate from USC film school… to making short film after short film after short film… to writing a short as a favor to a friend who needed something to direct as their film school thesis and then watching as that friend got signed by a manager off of the short and then immediately went on to direct their first feature… to writing THE ANGRY BLACK GIRL AND HER MONSTER (Bomani’s modern take on Mary Shelly’s classic FRANKENSTEIN novel) and having everyone in town pass on making it… to going on to work as an assistant editor at Crypt TV where it just so happened that his ANGRY BLACK GIRL script was simultaneously being considered as a possible Crypt TV original feature film… to quickly shooting a 2 minute long scene from a completely different script in order to be considered seriously as the director of ANGRY BLACK GIRL… Bomani is the perfect example of someone breaking in and making big things happen today. Aspiring filmmakers are sure to get a healthy dose of inspiration from this one!