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The Movie Crypt

Jun 5, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Actor, writer, director, and producer Ben Millikan (BLUE CRUSH 2, NEWCASTLE, RUN & GUN, BOSCH) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his new feature film SNAG (now in theaters and available digitally). From growing up in Sydney where he spent a decade as an amateur boxer… to his years studying acting and filmmaking at Australia’s On Camera Studio… to landing roles in films like NEWCASTLE, BLUE CRUSH 2, RUN & GUN and TV shows like MELROSE PLACE, CSI: MIAMI, and BOSCH… to how his ex-wife encouraged him to write his new thriller SNAG… to his experience directing and starring in his highly stylized neo-noir western… to the hurdles of shooting in New Mexico during the winter… to the true meaning of “networking” in Hollywood and the importance of keeping real life relationships above all else… Ben’s story is a terrific example of why it is crucial to always stay grounded and true to yourself as you traverse an industry built on fantasy and make believe.