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The Movie Crypt

Apr 24, 2023

THE MOVIE CRYPT’s special roundtable series continues as hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch sit down with filmmakers David Slade (HARD CANDY, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE) and SpookyDan Walker (SLAY BELLES, VFX artist on STAR TREK BEYOND, CELL, SLITHER) to discuss the controversy over artificial intelligence and why so many artists and tech leaders fear that the rapidly developing A.I. technology may pose an existential threat not only to the craft of storytelling… but to humanity itself! What are the pros and cons of this incredible new technology? What exactly is diffusion modeling and how does it work? Was A.I. developed and released into the hands of the general public too quickly? Should A.I. be more strictly regulated? What does A.I. mean for the future careers of filmmakers? How long until programs like ChatGBT allow studio executives and producers to stop having to rely on actual writers to generate screenplays that will be commercially appealing to an audience that’s already numb from an abundance of “content?” If A.I. is creating new art from existing art then where does the original artist factor into the equation when it comes to credit and potential financial gains? What are the dangers of releasing such advanced technology into a world that is already torn apart by social media, “fake news,” and large factions of society that only believe their own eyes and ears if they like what they are seeing or hearing? Are we entering a new age of artistic enlightenment… or hurdling towards our own creative demise? As with all of our roundtable specials, we hope that you will continue this fascinating, frightening, and extremely complicated conversation with your own friends, family, and co-workers long after the episode is over.