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The Movie Crypt

Mar 27, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Writer and Director Kurt Wimmer (EQUILIBRIUM, SALT, POINT BREAK 2015, TOTAL RECALL 2012, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen in the ArieScope Studio to discuss his long career and the making of his latest feature CHILDREN OF THE CORN (2023). From leaving medical school to pursue screenwriting instead… to why he has learned to love test screenings… to why he no longer gets discouraged or feels threatened by studio executives’ notes on his scripts… to his philosophy that “the audience is incapable of lying to you”… to his mindset in tackling the re-telling of such beloved properties as POINT BLANK and CHILDREN OF THE CORN (now in theaters and available digitally)… to how he really felt being the only director shooting a movie during the early heights of the COVID-19 pandemic… to working with child actors and the secret weapon that he discovered within his own cast… to the incredible story of how he got the gig writing the adaptation of Michael Crichton’s SPHERE even though he was still an unproven voice in comparison to the dozens of seasoned industry screenwriters who were actively pursuing the job… to how he choreographed the groundbreaking “gunkata” used in EQUILIBRIUM… and why he thinks the long awaited big screen adaptation of METAL GEAR SOLID (that he was attached to at one point) has taken so long to come to fruition… Kurt’s humble candor in discussing his truly stunning career will have you wanting to go back and revisit his entire filmography immediately! Also, Kurt and Adam become best friends over their love for rabbits and Joe completely changes his mind about scotch eggs.