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The Movie Crypt

Mar 6, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Christopher Landon (FREAKY, HAPPY DEATH DAY, the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey and the making of his latest film WE HAVE A GHOST (now playing on Netflix). From getting his start working with Larry Clark (KIDS)… to almost quitting the business after DISTURBIA… to how moving to Austin, TX helped bring him back to the career he loves… to how he got involved with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY universe… to his knack for subverting and twisting genres… to working with David Harbour and Anthony Mackie on his new spooky heartfelt family drama WE HAVE A GHOST (which he describes as “E.T. with a ghost”)… to how he shot the complicated VFX heavy car chase in the film… to the devastating news that he received right before production began… Chris takes us through his process of finding the right formula for a good “Amblinesque” genre film and explains why he feels that blending genres should always come from a personal place.