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The Movie Crypt

Feb 27, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Patrick Read Johnson (SPACED INVADERS, DRAGONHEART, BABY’S DAY OUT) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career and the incredible 18 YEAR journey that it took to make his latest film 5-25-77. From a child who spent every waking moment he had creating his own home movie homages to the films that “restructured his DNA”… to becoming one of the very first people alive to ever see STAR WARS… to working as an effects artist on some of the 80’s most notable genre films … to directing films like SPACED INVADERS, ANGUS and BABY’S DAY OUT… to working with the legendary Henson Company on TV shows like DINOSAURS… to writing the beloved fantasy film DRAGONHEART (the very first movie poster Adam had framed in his first apartment)… to working alongside and befriending some of the industry’s biggest icons… to the breathtaking 18 years he spent making his autobiographical opus 5-25-77 (now playing on Showtime, Amazon Prime, and other digital platforms)… Patrick’s story is like a Hollywood fever dream come to life.  If you’re not inspired to work just a little bit harder at making your own dreams come true after listening to this amazing conversation then your speakers weren’t on!

Dr. Arwen also provides “Hollywood Therapy” for someone struggling to find the laughs in the comedy they’ve been watching lately.