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The Movie Crypt

Jan 30, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Michelle Garza Cervera (HUESERA: THE BONE WOMAN) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen all the way from Mexico City to discuss her career journey and the making of her film HUESERA: THE BONE WOMAN (in limited theaters and available digitally on 2/10). From a young child being raised Catholic who was scared of everything… to discovering that she actually loved horror films and wanted to see them all… to going to film school and making several short films… to the process of submitting her screenplay HUESERA for possible government funding… to working with actors and generating atmospheric dread on screen… to her triumphant festival circuit run with the film… Michelle’s story is perfect for anyone just breaking in today! Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a filmmaker on the hunt for representation, Michelle shares her experience landing an agent off of her short films, and Adam discovers that he (maybe kinda sorta) saved all of the cats in Spain!