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The Movie Crypt

Jan 9, 2023

Recorded LIVE during THE MOVIE CRYPT’s 7th annual YORKIETHON, actor Doug Bradley (“Pinhead” from the HELLRAISER franchise, NIGHTBREED, WRONG TURN 5, PUMPKINHEAD: ASHES TO ASHES) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey. From his humble beginnings as a theater actor in Liverpool where he first met Clive Barker… to the realization that acting was his one and only true calling…  to the lifelong friendships he formed as part of “The Dog Company” local theater group and the career spanning creative partnerships that spawned from that special moment in time… to breaking the news to his parents that he was going to pursue acting and their reaction to him entering such an unforgiving profession… to the birth of HELLRAISER when Clive Barker first mentioned that he was working on putting together a low budget British horror film and that “there may be a part in it for you”  to the differences between crafting a performance for the stage versus the camera… to the many challenges created by performing under such heavy make-up/prosthetics (Doug could barely see anything at all while wearing the “Pinhead” contacts!)… to seeing the very first test footage of himself as “Pinhead”… to the lasting legacy of HELLRAISER… this conversation with one of the genre’s true icons was one of the many highlights of YORKIETHON 7! Joe even learns the answer to a burning question he’s had for about 30 years regarding “Pinhead’s” voice during an appearance on MTV!

Adam and Joe begin this episode with a recap of YORKIETHON 7. For a more complete breakdown of THE MOVIE CRYPT’s 7th annual marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue (including the full list of all 74 guests who appeared) click here: