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The Movie Crypt

Jan 2, 2023

PUBLIC VERSION. For THE MOVIE CRYPT’s special 500th episode Adam, Joe, and Arwen sit down with one of their biggest cinematic heroes and a true icon of independent filmmaking… the great Kevin Smith (CLERKS 1-3, MALLRATS, DOGMA, CHASING AMY, RED STATE, TUSK, JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK)! From an in-depth discussion about the changing landscape of theatrical film distribution and the joys of touring with a movie… to how the sound of a happy audience can keep you addicted to filmmaking no matter how painful and heartbreaking the process can be at times… to the importance of making the films you want to see as opposed to the films that you think might sell… to how Kevin defined his unique storytelling voice and created his own “View-Askew” universe… to turning what used to be known as “easter eggs” into “bread crumbs”… to the pros and cons of taking swings outside of whatever genre you may have first arrived in or be best known for working in… to Kevin’s philosophy that audiences who are yearning for something real and honest will forgive obvious budget limitations as long as they can feel that the movie they’re watching was made from the heart… to the importance of being both master of your cinematic ship and servant to your audience… to always putting on a great show for the people who showed up and not worrying about the people who didn’t… to how Kevin recovered from Hollywood disillusionment and a near life ending heart attack… there are few artists who embody THE MOVIE CRYPT’s “never give up” mantra as perfectly as Kevin Smith who (even after 30 years in the business) continues to believe that movies can save the world. Prepare to learn, to laugh, and to cry with this beautiful and highly inspirational conversation that was 500 weeks in the making. 

To our beloved Patrons who support this weekly podcast and who we in turn have continued to work so hard for week after week for the last decade- we share this amazing milestone with YOU. Thank you for 500 episodes! We have no doubt that you’re going to enjoy the hell out of the 2nd hour of this fantastic conversation! - AG, JL, & A