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The Movie Crypt

Oct 31, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Actor/Director/Producer Thomas Jane (BOOGIE NIGHTS, THE MIST, THE PUNISHER) has been paying his dues in Hollywood ever since sleeping in his classic Camaro to pay for acting lessons and making sets on Santa Monica Blvd’s  “Theater Row.” Since his humble beginnings, Tom has carved out quite an eclectic career in both studio and independent films, even creating a production company to foster his latest project, the influencer-inspired Vampire romp SLAYERS (now available on VOD, SVOD and in select theaters). From dropping out of high school… to honing his craft in a Bollywood film… to learning how to walk correctly from an esteemed character actor… to landing the iconic role of the hair positive gigolo “Todd Parker” in Paul Thomas Anderson’s seminal porn industry epic BOOGIE NIGHTS… to walking away from a potential franchise (THE PUNISHER series) when it was not going in a direction that he was comfortable with and making his OWN Punisher short instead… to the controversial ending of Frank Darabont’s cult classic THE MIST… Tom opens up about the many unique choices that he’s made along his incredible career journey so far.

Tom and the boys also talk about what it’s like cultivating the image of masculinity in modern film and television, Joe shares a story about the time he and Tom almost worked together, and Adam helps pay for his dentist’s second and third summer homes in the Hamptons.