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The Movie Crypt

Oct 17, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmakers Joseph and Vanessa Winter (V/H/S 99) discuss their career journeys together and the making of what Adam, Joe, and Arwen hail as “one of their favorite genre films of 2022” - DEADSTREAM! From meeting in film school and discovering just how well they worked together… to making their partnership official as both a filmmaking team and a married couple… to the importance of having a life partner who truly understands the absurdity of the entertainment business… to the ways that having children actually helped compartmentalize their work life and made their working hours even more productive than ever before… to what it was like to graduate film school and launch their careers right as the distribution landscape began its massive transformation from physical media to streaming… to making short films and short form content together for a full decade before making their first feature (DEADSTREAM - now streaming on Shudder)… to learning that it was far more productive to focus on their craft and telling the kinds of stories they actually wanted to tell as opposed to chasing trends or trying to create “viral hits”… to the importance of building their own film family in their home state of Utah… to the making of their absolutely incredible segment for V/H/S 99 (“To Hell and Back”)… to the perils of hanging wallpaper together… Joseph and Vanessa are perfect examples of filmmakers who are making big things happen for themselves TODAY and the journey they have taken so far is sure to connect with aspiring filmmakers everywhere!
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