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The Movie Crypt

Oct 10, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Actor Chris McKenna (KING OF THE ANTS, THE BLACKLIST) has had skin in the Hollywood game for decades. Since he first began singing and dancing as a child, Chris has performed on the stage, on television, and in feature films… and his long career has been filled with highs, lows, ups, downs and everything in between! From having supportive parents who were willing to take him into NYC over and over again for auditions… to embarking on a long run in soap operas where he not only honed his craft but also had his very first kiss (on screen!)… to attending college at Hofstra University (around the same exact time as Adam!) and having a disappointing audition for a major film surprisingly turn into the next major step forward in his career… to working with the late Stuart Gordon on KING OF THE ANTS where he delivered one of the most raw and uncompromising roles of his career… to playing leading roles in the much heralded RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL and the controversial TASTE… to most recently working with Joe on A SUITABLE FLESH (title tentative)… this funny, inspiring, and shockingly honest conversation is one that you won’t soon forget.