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The Movie Crypt

Sep 26, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker and actor Zach Cregger (THE WHITEST KIDS YOU KNOW, WRECKED) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his journey making the box office hit BARBARIAN - the #1 movie in America at the time of this recording! Zach details the 2+ year process of writing the kind of movie he wanted to see… to the non-stop rejection and being told it wouldn’t work… to finding the right producers to shepherd the project… to shooting in Bulgaria… to the incredible early critical response… to what it’s like seeing his film have a #1 opening weekend in theaters. It’s as current and as inspiring a story as you’re possibly going to get - and if this conversation doesn’t get you to sit down, start writing, and go for it then we’re not sure what else possibly could! The boys also discuss Adam’s upcoming 24th annual Halloween short film and the difficult tight rope between making a solid horror/comedy and “campy” cult classic.

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