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The Movie Crypt

Sep 19, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. International filmmaker Petr Jákl (GHOUL 3-D, KAJINEK) may have begun his film career as a stunt performer and actor in such genre flicks like XXX and ALIEN vs PREDATOR but he actually started out in the Czech Republic as an Olympic Games hopeful in Judo before his dreams were sidelined by an unfortunate injury, thus sending him off on a new adventure in the visual arts. Now, after years in front and behind the camera producing films with the likes of Samuel L Jackson and George Clooney and directing smaller films, Petr has directed his biggest film to date, the epic, sweeping period adventure film MEDIEVAL, based on the true story of fifteenth century Czech Icon and warlord Jan Ziska who battled against the odds during the Holy Roman Empire. Boasting one of the most impressive international casts in a while, including Ben Foster, Matthew Goode, Til Schweiger and THE Michael Caine (!), Petr takes the audience on a historical journey with copious amounts of action, gore and excitement and takes the boys along on his own adventure from Olympic contender to big-budget filmmaker and all the trials and tribulations along the way one can only expect from show business, which can be even bloodier and more harrowing than any skirmish with the Teutonic Order. Petr also discusses how he became inspired by filmmakers while working on-sets, learning what to do (and NOT to do) to create movie magic, working with his father on the script based on a legendary icon in his country, how BRAVEHEART was a major inspiration MEDIEVAL and even his time working with Joe on the found footage film GHOUL 3-D (which at the time was the first 3-D film of its type before being hindered by distribution issues). Also, Dr. Arwen provides "Hollywood Therapy" for a patient in search of a wider audience.