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The Movie Crypt

Sep 5, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Celebrated filmmaker and playwright Neil LaBute (IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, NURSE BETTY, DEATH AT A FUNERAL, LAKEVIEW TERRACE, YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS, THE WICKER MAN) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his craft in creating some of the most provocative and beautifully honest cinema and theater of the last 25 years. From growing up in a blue collar family with a father that didn’t initially view filmmaking as a real career… to shooting his first feature film without any prior filmmaking experiences… to welcoming the collaboration of cast and crew when blocking a scene… to the power of a master shot and using coverage sparingly… to how he approaches scenes that require intense intimacy between actors… to the creative leeway of shooting independently despite the sacrifice of resources… to the incredible value of spending quality time with cast during pre-production… to the benefits of casting fresh faces and just how much an audience can forget that they are watching a performance… to critics and audiences projecting a character’s worst behavior onto the filmmaker personally… to the making of his latest film HOUSE OF DARKNESS (in theaters September 9th and on-demand/digital September 13th)… to revealing which one of his films was actually shot to be in black and white… this conversation with one of the industry’s most daring, artistic, and important voices is one that will hopefully inspire you to create the art you truly want to create rather than conforming to whatever is currently considered en vogue and safe. 

This Christmas the biggest podcast event of the year is going to get even bigger! The first announcement for YORKIETHON 7 is coming in next week’s episode!