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The Movie Crypt

Aug 1, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Addison Heimann joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his journey writing and directing HYPOCHONDRIAC- a film that reflects his own mental health breakdown. From starting out acting and writing in the theater before acting, writing, and producing for various short films… to creating his own opportunity to direct his debut film by bravely writing a screenplay so deeply personal that he was unquestionably the right director for the job… to the various lens tricks Addison used to convey the emotional core of his story… to the extreme highs of touring the film in the worldwide festival circuit and the joys of sharing the experience with fellow filmmakers he has befriended along the way… to how developing a strict structure to his daily life and setting personal boundaries has helped Addison be able to continually discuss the making of his film during the promotional process without having to relive the mental anguish that inspired it… to the importance of being able to “make decisions and be nice” as a first time director… to unabashedly wearing his inspirations on his sleeve while remaining confident in his own unique voice… Addison’s experience making HYPOCHONDRIAC (currently playing in select theaters and available on-demand / digitally as of August 4, 2022) will surely speak to the aspiring filmmakers who listen to THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast all over the world. 

Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a video game creator who is having trouble finishing the game he is working on due to new (and possibly better) ideas constantly pulling his focus away and Addison shares how he found his people and his film family within the horror genre… and why it is so important to never let those people go now that he has found them.