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The Movie Crypt

Jun 6, 2022

THE MOVIE CRYPT’s special roundtable series continues as Adam sits down with Mick Garris (THE STAND, NIGHTMARE CINEMA), Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW 2-4, REPO! THE GENETIC ROCK OPERA) and Tom Six (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 1-3, THE ONANIA CLUB) to discuss violence in cinema and where they draw the line with the art that they put out into the world. From the films that disturbed them… to whether or not it is an artist’s responsibility to consider who might wind up seeing their work… to dealing with the MPAA’s often nonsensical editorial demands before release… to today’s “participation trophy culture”… to trying to push an audience’s limits in modern “woke” times where acting offended has become America’s new favorite pastime… to what each artist says they just would never personally do in a film… to how their perspectives may or may not have changed with age or becoming a parent… this conversation has never been more poignant than it is today. As with all of our roundtable episodes, we hope you will continue this conversation with your own friends and family the next time entertainment is blamed for a real life atrocity. Joe was on location directing his latest film when this roundtable was recorded but he weighs in with his perspective on the subject during an extended introduction.

This conversation was recorded on May 11, 2022, several weeks before the most recent string of mass shooting tragedies in the United States of America. To hear the roundtable that was specifically about gun violence, check out episode 459 which premiered on March 21, 2022.