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The Movie Crypt

Apr 11, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Deborah Voorhees (FRIDAY THE 13th PART 5, AVENGING ANGEL) has been one of the horror genre’s favorite Scream Queens ever since her work on the infamous 5th installment of the Jason Voorhees (no relation) saga, a role made even more iconic by the music video for Wolfie’s Just Fine’s “A New Beginning” in 2016. Now Deborah is back in the director’s chair for what could be her most personal work to date, a slasher film that delves into the world of stalkers and the trials of horror convention culture entitled 13 FANBOY. Her film boasts a “killer” cast (Dee Wallace, Corey Feldman, Kane Hodder, etc) and is already a huge hit on the Amazon charts! Deborah discusses how she started in the business, how 13 FANBOY was a passion project (not just for her but for many of the actors in her cast who regularly appear at cons), and the reasons she loves writing and directing even more than acting. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a writer who is feeling ready to take the next step with their initial ideas and outlines.