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The Movie Crypt

Mar 7, 2022

PUBLIC VERSION. In the second part of our expansive conversation with acclaimed filmmaker Mark Pellington (ARLINGTON ROAD, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, PEARL JAM's "Jeremy" music video) Mark rejoins Adam, Joe & Arwen to continue discussing his wide and varied career with a focus on the feature film and TV side of his work. Including amazing anecdotes on the making of films such as his first feature GONG ALL THE WAY (which he is currently painstakingly restoring)... to the trials of studio storytelling with ARLINGTON ROAD (starring Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins)... to insightful tales of making THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES (starring Richard Gere). Mark also goes into frank, emotional detail on the sudden death of his wife in 2003 (a tragedy that he calls “the end of that part of my life”) and how friends, family, therapy and his own work served as healing. We also discuss how his new experimental music/dance feature THE SEVERING helped him reconnect to the world.
Dr. Arwen takes this week off of "Hollywood Therapy" but Mark provides plenty of therapeutic  discussion on how to work through tragedy as well as plenty of tips and tricks on directing actors and crew.