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The Movie Crypt

Feb 7, 2022

Producers and directors Jordan Wayne Long & Mattt Glass (12 HOUR SHIFT, SQUIRREL) have been working together for years, developing their unique, hand-crafted style on everything from short form web content to feature films. From their auspicious beginnings creating content for YouTube… to making mini-documentaries… to the trials of making a “viral hit”… to writing, shooting, editing, composing music, and even building their own locations… Jordan and Matt truly do it all! Their new film, GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS (premiering in theaters and VOD this month) is their latest painstakingly crafted project which boasts an impressive cast (David Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, Angela Bettis) and an even more impressive, genre-bending storyline that seamlessly mixes western and gothic horror with plenty of old-school effects. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a patient wondering whatever happened to “Rock & Roll Filmmaking” and the boys tease the very first MOVIE CRYPT roundtable episode coming this Valentine’s Day!