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The Movie Crypt

Dec 20, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. The legendary Bruce Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD series, TV’s ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD, BUBBA HO-TEP) and BLACK FRIDAY director Casey Tebo (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVEN TYLER: OUT ON A LIMB) joined Adam, Joe, and Arwen to open last weekend’s YORKIETHON 6 - and here’s the conversation again to prove it! Starting off with an exhausted recap of this year’s 48-hour LIVE marathon (including what happened after the cameras were off), Adam and Joe sum up their 6th annual charity benefit which raised a whopping $37,000.00+ for Save A Yorkie Rescue and was hands down their best marathon yet! Bruce and Casey discuss the making of BLACK FRIDAY (now available on VOD), what makes a good horror/comedy work, Bruce playing against type, the secrets to a long career, and Bruce’s feelings on movie piracy - just to list a few of the topics. We’d tell you more, but spoilers aren’t “groovy.” 

This episode was recorded LIVE during YORKIETHON 6 (Friday December 10, 2021) so forgive any audio weirdness that may happen from time to time. As always, Patrons get the full conversation (with all of the good stuff)!