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The Movie Crypt

Dec 13, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Happy YORKIETHON Weekend! We hope that you enjoyed (or are still enjoying) all the craziness we planned for our 6th annual YORKIETHON…but we also didn’t want to break our stream of never having a Monday come without an actual episode! Hopefully we saved a ton of dogs together this weekend! If you contributed- THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

This week, writer Josh Miller (SONIC THE HEDGEHOG) stopped by while Adam and Joe were in the thick of YORKIETHON preparations for a quick but no less eventful episode to discuss how he went from a middle-America geek to one of the more sought after scribes working in town these days! Josh takes us through his origins, how he met his current writing partner Pat Casey, and their process in working together over the years. Josh and Joe also discuss what it was like working together on YouTube/Blumhouse’s 12 DEADLY DAYS digital series and the “fun” of working on a holiday horror series on the same location as an abandoned mental institution. Josh takes us through the process of creating a script for one of the most iconic video game characters in recent times, including Sonic’s new origin story, being true to the IP of the character so as to not piss off ALL of the fans, and what it was like being dropped from the project only to come back after its been rewritten. Josh shares little details on how he and Pat went back to the well to write the sequel (including working with Jim Carrey from the start!), he talks about his position as one of the main programmers for the popular “Friday Night Frights” film series in Los Angeles, and Dr. Arwen heads to Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD (figuratively- not literally) for an extremely relevant "Hollywood Therapy" session. 

From HIGH highs to LOW lows this episode is a rollercoaster of emotions even if it's a slightly shorter than usual episode due to the limited amount of time we had together. Hopefully you're joining us in basking in the after-glow (or just sheer exhaustion) of this year’s YORKIETHON! Dont’ forget - you can still donate to Save A Yorkie Rescue using the link on the YORKIETHON 6 page on and help us save some dogs in time for Christmas! Thanks to everyone who stuck in with us this weekend! No coal from Santa for you this year!