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The Movie Crypt

Nov 29, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Happy Holidays! As the seasons change and the turkey leftovers slowly dissipate from the fridge, it’s time to embrace the chill factor and start gathering the gifts and what better way than to do it with one of the executive producers of the new season of DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, writer/producer Scott Reynolds (JESSICA JONES, IRON FIST)! Scott started like all of us with big dreams and a little luck which landed him in Los Angeles where odd jobs at bookstores fueled his fire to get in the writers room for shows like TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, which led to his now eclectic writing career on some of TV and streaming’s biggest genre efforts. And with DEXTER, how Scott was able to evolve from an entry level position on the writing staff to one of the head creatives in the new series (currently on Showtime) is proof positive that a solid work ethic, knowing your talents and the talents of the other writers working with you will lead to great things in this business. For all you aspiring TV writers, Scott’s story is particularly inspiring as he gives tips of the trade on how to run a room, hire staff and break stories. Dr. Arwen emotionally supports TWO "Hollywood Therapy" patients and considering Scott is also a massive dork like us, there is plenty of geeking out about our favorite flicks! 

And don’t forget…YORKIETHON 6 is quickly approaching! Friday December 10th through Sunday December 12th on, our 6th annual 48-hour LIVE marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue will feature over 70 special guests, live music, live comedy, live script readings, live film commentaries, “Arwen’s Silent Auction,” and much much more! Join us for the madness, the mayhem, the merriment…the MANY cups of coffee.